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Stamp Care

  • Our stamps are made of a synthetic rubber that is also used for art stamps like what you find in craft stores, for tires, and for the rubber mulch many playgrounds are now using. In general they are pretty hardy. The primary culprit for the damage to stamp rubber is the ink most people use, since the majority of people won't be using ink with their stamps following the steps below should insure a good long life with your stamps. If you do choose to use your stamps with ink, you will want to add a step of using stamp cleaner that you can find at your local craft store. 

  1. Clean them after you use them, use mild detergent if needed. If you are using a sculpting epoxy and there is a little bit stuck you can let it harden, flex the stamp and the material will pop out. 
  2. Do not use alcohol, acetone, or other harsh chemicals on your stamp. These can dry out the rubber and cause it to become brittle resulting in cracking.
  3. Store them some place where they will not be exposed to higher temperatures or excessive sunlight (don't put them next to a heater or in a window), preferably in a non-absorbent container like a plastic organizer bin. While it can take years to happen very long periods sitting on absorbent materials like cardboard or paper towels can cause similar drying mentioned in step '2'.
  4. While not necessary there are rubber conditioners out there for art stamps, and they are fine to use on your stamp should you want extra protection.