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Closing time 3/31/19

For those that do not follow us on Facebook, we recently announced that we will be ceasing operation on 3/31/19 due to family concerns.  Below is the full press release.

3/6/19- We bring sad news today that Happy Seppuku Model Works will be ceasing its stamp production and sales at the end of March 2019. We officially opened our doors April 1st, 2011 introducing stamping to the miniature basing community. For eight years we have been a successful family owned and run company, bringing the miniature hobby several tools to help with the sculpting of bases, miniatures, and scenery. For various family reasons the decision to close had to be made. Currently the last of our stamps have been produced and our online inventory has been updated to reflect the last of these stamps. We will continue to sell stamps through the online store until March 31st or until we are sold out, which ever happens first. 
This truly was a tough choice that had to be made. We would like to thank the gaming and model making community for their support and inspiration as we have been on this journey. Hearing about your experiences and seeing what you created with our products brought a tremendous amount of joy to our lives. 
Thank you.