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Your Board Tile Mould


The Your Board Tile Mould is the central tool of our Your Board System. Made of oven safe silicone (up to 500F) it allows you to use Oven Bake Polymer Clays (available at most craft stores) to create your own dungeon tile system. The mould is 0.25” deep and 6”x6” across. The bottom of the mould is gridded to allow for the placement of plugs, creating an area you can fill with your clay. After you fill mould with clay and smooth it level, you can add texture to your clay with our stamps or with your own sculpting. Optionally you can finish off your design by using the 0.5” guides along the side of the mould to easily add a grid to your tile. Put the whole thing in the oven and follow your Bake Clay’s directions. You can see the system in action on our Youtube channel.

With Your Board you can make a whole table worth of dungeon tiles in a day with just a few dollars’ worth of bake clay per square foot!

Your Board Tile Mould comes with the base of the mould and a set of standard plugs (Eighteen 1”x1” and six 1”x0.5” plugs).

**Remember that use of an oven will make the rubber and clay hot always use proper safety precautions. Always read the directions and precautions of materials you use with the Your Board Tile System.