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Ready Base Mould- Round Lipped Bases 50mm, 3 pack


Our Ready Base Moulds are the perfect build platform for those that would prefer to create somewhere other than directly on the plastic part of the base. The Mould is made of a silicone firm enough to retain excellent shape but soft enough to allow the use of stamps to create recesses. It is also capable of being heated to 400F (204C) allowing you to create precise bases using most bake-able clay.

Our insert version is moulded to give a good snug fit for lipped bases. Be aware that some scuplting products may have some shrinkage during the curing process, making the insert slightly loose compared to the intended mold.

Intended Base: 50mm Round Lipped (as an insert)
Actual mold space dimensions: depth 1mm, dia. 41mm
Number of moulds: 3 (three)